Bespoke 3D Scanned and Printed Foot Orthoses

On occasions, you may require the use of foot orthoses in order to help alleviate your symptoms. We have a fantastic relationship with an orthoses company who continue to provide us with top quality products in a timely manner.

After your biomechanical assessment and diagnosis has been finalised, you may decide this is the choice for you. You’ll be invited back for a short 3D scanning appointment and your very own personal foot orthoses will be with you within a few weeks.

Bespoke orthoses can be used as part of a treatment plan for recurring sporting/running injuries (alongside a valid rehab program – see Shock-Wave Therapy for instance), to help prevent ulceration in those with diabetes, the elderly or peripheral vascular disease, but some people just want them to increase their daily walking comfort.

The Lincolnshire Podiatry Clinic is proud to be in partnership with EDSERlabs, providing world leading 3D printing technology as well as a vast array of other options for all your foot orthosis needs.

Not everyone needs foot orthoses, and not everyone who does would require bespoke foot orthoses. We’ve also a range of off the shelf adaptable foot orthoses (usually £55) that may be suitable.