About Us

Matthew started his Podiatry journey back in 2012, completing a multi-disciplinary health professions course followed by a Bachelor of Science (Podiatry) degree at the University of Huddersfield. He has a special interest in sports injuries, musculo-skeletal conditions and minor surgery.

Podiatrist/Owner Mr Matthew Phillips with his wife Lina

Mr Matthew Phillips MSc (Podiatry) POM(s) POM (a) MRCPod

While at university Matthew endeavoured to be involved in as many things as time allowed. He became his cohort’s course rep, worked front of house for the university and went on to chair the College of Podiatry’s Student Association, representing every school of Podiatry in the UK. During his time as chair, Matthew had a seat on the College’s Council and the Directorate of Podiatric medicine as well as inputting towards HCPC documentation. Additionally, he became President and Captain of his university sports club.

Finishing his initial studying with 1st class honours and some exceptional placements within the NHS, Matthew turned his attention to private podiatry, moving back to Lincolnshire to be closer to his family. After a few years practising across South Lincolnshire, we opened the doors to The Lincolnshire Podiatry Clinic here in Washingborough in November 2019.

Continuing to quench his thirst for knowledge, Matthew has recently completed a part time Master of Science (Podiatry) program at the University of Huddersfield and continues to seek out the pinnacle of professional development.

Away from Podiatry you’ll often find Matthew running hard on the Ultimate (Frisbee) field. Having in the past played football at semi-pro level. He is also involved in a local Snooker league although he’ll begrudgingly admit to not excelling on the green baize.

Matthew is recently married (2019) and loves walking holidays with his wife Lina. They added their first child Nolan to the family in February 2020 and Matthew is thoroughly enjoying the challenges fatherhood brings.

HCPC registration No. CH34459