Verrucae (Verruca Pedis) are possibly the most over-stigmatised lesions a person can get. They are often seen as unclean and highly contagious, with associations and assumptions being made all over the place about them.

The simple fact is this. The majority of verrucae are harmless, painless and will go away on their own within a reasonable amount of time.

They are a strain of the HPV virus, basically a wart. Yes they can be passed on but it is much more difficult to do so than you may think.

For those who are in pain or distress regarding them, we suggest you book a routine Podiatry appointment where our clinician can talk you through all of the options. Some are invasive, some aren’t.

We will never guarantee that we can get rid of a verruca, however we will always ensure to be honest, factual and direct, giving you the best information available and giving you your best chance of treating the symptoms.

Simple rule, if it’s not affecting you, leave it alone and in time it will leave you alone.