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Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

- £60 per session, usually 5 sessions

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive alternative to surgery, steroid injections and oral medication.

ESWT is available at The Lincolnshire Podiatry Clinic in the form of the Swiss Dolorclast device. The Swiss Dolorclast is the most rigorously studied and feverishly tested device on the market and boasts fantastic outcomes.

ESWT causes micro-trauma to the targetted area, increasing blood flow and speeding up recovery time.

We can use ESWT to treat a range of osseous (bony) and tendon pathologies, achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis as well as helping to reduce tone in stubborn muscle groups.

ESWT can be used as a stand alone treatment for targetted pain, as a mechanical myofascial therapy, alongside foot orthoses and exercise programs, or a combination of these.

Used For:

  • Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Calf/muscle Pain
  • Osteoarthritis pain reduction
  • Morton’s Neuroma


  • Non invasive.
  • Quick and effective treatment.
  • Targeted therapy.
  • Well researched and tested.
  • Pain relief.


  • Can be uncomfortable on application.
  • Flare ups are common within the first 48 hrs post treatment (these are part of the mechanical process but can be uncomfortable).
  • Cannot be used in pregnancy or if you have a clotting disorder or if you are taking anticoagulants (blood thinners).

Price List:

Initial Assessment – Musculo-skeletal Assessment £85

ESWT session – £60 (5 sessions usually required, one per week).

Contact us for more information on Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy or visit our Booking page.

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Musculo-skeletal (MSK) Assessment

- £89

Are you having foot or ankle pain that can’t be attributed to anything visual? Perhaps there is some swelling? Heel/calf pain? Joint pain? We can help you understand what is going on.

Using a blend of theory, logic, technology and an experienced human eye, we can assess your standing/walking/running form along with impact from previous/current injuries and put together a package to help get you back to your best.

We will strive to give you a Diagnosis (what is actually injured), Aetiology (why has it happened) and Direction (how are we – as a team between patient and practitioner – going to improve things)

Expect to have a seated, standing and moving assessment to get the full picture of your pathology and give us the best tools to help you.

Please attend with shorts or suitable trousers, suitable footwear and bring a range of your usual footwear. You’ll usually be in the room for 30-60 minutes.

Contact us for more information on Musculo-skeletal (MSK) Assessment or visit our Booking page.

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Nail Surgery

- From £295 (£75 per additional nail)

If you’ve had ongoing issues with ingrowing/unsightly nails or a fungal infection that won’t leave then you may request nail surgery. It is a very simple procedure performed under a local anaesthetic where we remove all or a section of the nail, often with the introduction of an ablation chemical to prevent the nail returning.

A full discussion regarding the process, ongoing care and a health check will need to take place before any treatment commences, this would take place at an initial assessment.

Please be aware you will not be insured to drive following the appointment (that day) and we advise full rest with an elevated leg for 24 hours post surgery to promote good quality healing.

We will see you again 2-4 days post surgery for a dressing change and review, after this most are able to self manage. Dressings will be given and antibiotics supplied if necessary.

Contact us for more information on Nail Surgery or visit our Booking page.

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General Podiatry (formerly Chiropody)

- Initial Appointment £49, Ongoing Appointments £45

Treatments ranging from hard skin removal and nail cutting through to ingrowing toenail treatment, verrucae and corns. We will answer any questions regarding skin/nail conditions (i.e. fungal or thick nails) and lesions during this appointment too.

Your first appointment will consist of a full medical history, assessment (foot pulses and skin assessment as minimum) and treatment. You will be required to sign consent forms based on the treatment type selected.

Appropriate decisions regarding future treatments will be discussed.

Local anaesthetics can be administered for particularly painful treatments if requested and appropriate (£70).

If you require a test for fungal infections such as fungal nail or athlete’s foot, this can be performed on the day during a general podiatry appointment (£35) or as a stand alone appointment (£59).

Contact us for more information on General Podiatry (formerly Chiropody) or visit our Booking page.

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Verruca Needling

- £175

Verrucae are a frustrating but usually benign lesion that by their very nature are quite unpredictable. This makes them frustrating to have and frustrating to treat.

The virus lies dormant in the skin after being contracted through an abrasion. After a short period of time (1-8 months) the virus begins to replicate in the form of the visible cells that you may see. Proteins within the viral cells block the natural immune response which is often why certain treatments fail.

Needling is a simple procedure designed to disrupt the virus, create a strong inflammatory response and enhance your body’s ability to target the lesion.

A local anaesthetic is given to allow for a pain free procedure. A controlled wound is created and appropriately dressed.

After that it is down to your body and how it reacts to the treatment.

Real life studies show total resolution after 1 treatment in 70% of cases (followed up 6 months later). Up to 3 treatments may be necessary.

To access Verruca Needling, please book a General Podiatry appointment where your Podiatrist will give you full information and offer a range of alternative treatments.


Contact us for more information on Verruca Needling or visit our Booking page.

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Bespoke 3D Scanned and Printed Foot Orthoses

- £325

On occasions, you may require the use of foot orthoses in order to help alleviate your symptoms. We have a fantastic relationship with an orthoses company who continue to provide us with top quality products in a timely manner.

After your biomechanical assessment and diagnosis has been finalised, you may decide this is the choice for you. You’ll be invited back for a short 3D scanning appointment and your very own personal foot orthoses will be with you within a few weeks.

Bespoke orthoses can be used as part of a treatment plan for recurring sporting/running injuries (alongside a valid rehab program – see Shock-Wave Therapy for instance), to help prevent ulceration in those with diabetes, the elderly or peripheral vascular disease, but some people just want them to increase their daily walking comfort.

The Lincolnshire Podiatry Clinic is proud to be in partnership with EDSERlabs, providing world leading 3D printing technology as well as a vast array of other options for all your foot orthosis needs.

Not everyone needs foot orthoses, and not everyone who does would require bespoke foot orthoses. We’ve also a range of off the shelf adaptable foot orthoses (usually £55) that may be suitable.

Contact us for more information on Bespoke 3D Scanned and Printed Foot Orthoses or visit our Booking page.

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Diagnostic Ultrasound


We are delighted to have an association with LCL Ultrasound.

From time to time, we may recommend you have an ultrasound scan to confirm or rule out a diagnosis. These are available on the NHS however you may be waiting for quite some time.

LCL Ultrasound provide a service across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, with a fast and accurate turnaround.

The scan will be provided by a practitioner with over 25 years experience and appointments are usually available within a week.

LCL Ultrasound is based at Body and Motion Clinic in Lincoln.

For further information, please refer to their website here: https://www.lclultrasound.com/


Contact us for more information on Diagnostic Ultrasound or visit our Booking page.

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Testing For Fungus

- £35

Did you know it is impossible to visually diagnose a fungal infection?

Many practitioners believe they can but when it comes to testing, they are found wanting. There are just so many variables.

Here at The Lincolnshire Podiatry Clinic, we can test for the presence of fungal infections in just 5 minutes.

All we need is a skin scraping or nail sample and our Diafactory testing kit will do the rest for us!

To access a “5 minute fungus” test, add it in to a general podiatry appointment for only £30


Contact us for more information on Testing For Fungus or visit our Booking page.

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What our clients have to say

Fantastic service, very helpful and understanding of my condition and was able to help and provide treatment straight away. would definitely recommend 💖💖💖

Fantastic service

After suffering with a painful in growing toe nail for nearly 3 months and seeing after chiropodist who wasn’t able to fix the problem I went to see Kirton Healthcare. As soon as I stepped into kirton healthcare I received a lovely warm welcome putting me at ease. I saw Matt who was extremely professional and very friendly and he was very knowledgeable of what needed to be done to fix my long standing problem. Within 2 days I was back for nail surgery and Matt was simply brilliant. The anaesthetic numbed my toe without much discomfort at all and the surgery itself was very quick and Matt has done a very neat job. It is a huge relief to know my toe is now on the mend and I look forward to seeing Matt again in a few days for the complimentary after care sevice. Kirton healthcare has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend anyone suffering from an in growing toe nail to see them immediately – my only regret is I didn’t go sooner! Thanks Matt!

You were the first person who actually knew about my condition!! Thank you for putting my mind at rest and for looking after my feet so well

Clarke, J

I saw Matthew at an old clinic, I had suffered with ingrowing nails for a few years and was getting fed up with infection after infection. Matthew saw me at its worst, gave me a few treatment options. I got booked in for a simple nail surgery within a week and my issues have been cleared up since. Highly recommend.

Pinnington, D

Matthew very competent, friendly and knowledgeable practitioner.

Leverton, A

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